2018 Trips


2018 Trips


January 4-13, 2018

  • Team members: 5
  • Clinic hours: 34.5
  • Vision patients treated: 813
  • Decisions for Christ: 224
Trip Summary

Our team assisted missionary Calvin Houser to offer free vision testing and eyeglasses to those in need. Calvin and his wife Mindy began Bahay Sibol, a home for orphaned and abandoned children. We were hosted by their church plant, City Baptist. Because of a recent change in the laws of the Philippines regarding foreign teams coming to do medical missions in country, and because the missionary requested a smaller team, it was decided to do only a vision clinic. This was a newer church plant, just over 2 years old, and the clinic was held at the church building. The size of the building would have made it very difficult to also host a medical team, so it seemed to work very well to have only a vision clinic. Members of another local independent Baptist church assisted with the clinic. The community’s response to the vision clinic was incredible; the missionary reports constantly seeing people around town wearing their new glasses and thanking him for hosting the clinic. We would love to return here in the future!

Trujillo, PERU

February 1-10, 2018

  • Team members: 22
  • Medical patients treated: 1,248
  • Vision patients treated: 849
  • Total patients treated: 2,097
  • Decisions for Christ: 79
Trip Summary

Our team assisted missionaries Jesús and Tracy Altuna to offer free medical care and vision testing. The Altunas planted a church in a new area last year as a result of an MMO brigade, and we were excited to return to minister to this new community again. Last year there was much damage done in this area due to sustained rains and flooding. In the interim of last year’s clinic to this year, the government put up 6 school buildings to replace those that had been damaged last year. It was here that we held this week’s clinics to minister to the community. We were also able to follow up on a two year-old patient from last year’s brigade; MMO coordinated his care and arranged for his treatment in a partnership with Shriner’s in Mexico. He flew to Mexico with his mother in March, where he received gastrointestinal surgery to reverse a colostomy and repair two fistulas; he is currently preparing for the second surgery he will need on his club feet.


March 9-17, 2018

  • Team members: 24
  • Medical patients treated: 1,007
  • Vision patients treated: 734
  • Total patients treated: 1,741
  • Decisions for Christ: 209
Trip Summary
Our team assisted Miguel and Leticia Parada and Ricardo and Angela Portillo to offer free medical care and vision testing in the under-served community of León. The Paradas’ and the Portillos’ passion to reach their community for Christ is phenomenal. Some of our interpreters were local people who were not part of the host church. Our nurses and other team members were careful to share the gospel with them, and Pastor Portillo was able to follow up with Freddy, one of the interpreters who made a profession of faith. Freddy’s mother and grandmother came to the clinic the next day and also made professions of faith. The following day, Freddy also brought 3 of his friends to hear the gospel. We’re thankful to have been able to share the gospel in Nicaragua shortly before the civil unrest began in April. We are praying both for peace in Nicaragua, and also that the gospel seeds planted will provide hope and strength during these difficult days.


May 17-26, 2018

  • Team members: 29
  • Medical patients treated: 1,159
  • Vision patients treated: 891
  • Total patients treated: 2,050
  • Decisions for Christ: 36
Trip Summary
Our team offered free medical care and vision testing in the underserved community of Ba by partnering with missionary Navi Bola. The clinic was especially well attended because of flooding that devastated the region weeks before our arrival. We learned that roughly 40% of the population in this area is from India, which means that there is a Hindi presence in the community. Our team was able to share the gospel with many who had never heard it; four former Hindi patients are now attending the church in Ba Town. Pastor Bola has also reported several other families attending after they were treated at the brigade. This was our first visit to Fiji, but we hope that it won’t be our last!

Bingerville, Cotê d’Ivoire

June 7-16, 2018

  • Team members: 29
  • Medical patients treated: 1,081
  • Vision patients treated: 417
  • Total patients treated: 1,552
  • Decisions for Christ: 572
Trip Summary
We worked with a team led by Pastor Bob Mach in Pastor Bob Mach, who has been in Côte d’Ivoire since 1995 and has an incredible ministry there. There were a number of very sick patients who passed through this clinic. A four year-old patient presented with an infection in his bones (bilateral femurs) that had been misdiagnosed and mistreated for four months, resulting in several small fractures and possibly permanent bone loss. MMO is currently coordinating the treatment so that he will receive appropriate care. This clinic also provided a Public Health Arm with the goal of offering education for adult patients and risk assessment for growth and development of pediatric patients, especially targeting children at risk for malnourishment.

Changuinola, PANAMA

June 22-30, 2018

  • Team members: 42
  • Medical patients treated: 1,057
  • Vision patients treated: 894
  • Total patients treated: 1951
  • Decisions for Christ: 350+
Trip Summary

It was the rainy season during this mission, but it didn’t seem to hamper the turn out of patients from Changuinola and the surrounding areas. The Vision Team stayed later one evening in order to see every patient in line, and for the first time, they treated more patients than the medical side of the clinic that day. We had the support of the national police in helping with crowd control, and several customs officers traveled 3-4 hours to come to the Vision clinic. There is a private, international school in Changuinola, and their students assisted with interpreting for the clinic. They did an excellent job, and at least one of them put their faith in Christ. We are grateful to Pastor Robles and his church for their dedication to reach their area for Christ. Our team members gave toward the church’s building project to install a new roof for their growing church.

San Jose del Monte, PHILIPPINES

July 19-28, 2018

  • Team members: 38
  • Dental patients seen: 455
  • Medical patients seen: 2,041
  • Vision patients seen: 1,708
  • Decisions for Christ: 1,658


Trip Summary
Our team assisted missionaries Carl and Michelle Gormley to offer free medical care, vision testing, and dental care as a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church. This was the largest team that MMO has ever taken to the Philippines. Between the exceptional organization, participation of CBC church members, and the mind to work demonstrated by MMO team members, it was truly an extraordinary mission. We surpassed our goal to treat 2,000 patients in the medical area alone! Treating such large numbers caused us to run out of several medications and vitamins (cough syrup was especially in demand), so we are praying and preparing to be able to take more next time to meet this need. The dental clinic, which was staffed by national dentists and assisted by an MMO dental assistant, was a great encouragement; it’s always exciting to partner with local healthcare providers in the communities in which we serve. We are eager to return to this location in 2019.

Morogoro, Tanzania

August 2-11, 2018

  • Team members: 51
  • Surgical cases: 4
  • Medical patients seen: 1,856
  • Vision patients seen: 1,276
  • Decisions for Christ: 735


Trip Summary

Our team visited long-time MMO hosts and missionaries Jerry and Rachel Wyatt of Faith Baptist Church to offer free medical care, as well as vision testing in a community that is eager for help. Our team was welcomed by a dinner where the Surgeon General of Tanzania thanked the team for assistance and outlined the health care system for us. There were interpreters and other volunteers assisting from the local church who had been reached through previous MMO clinics. The missionary reported that church attendance had increased by 90-100 people since two major outreaches in 2018: an MMO clinic and a stadium crusade. We were thrilled to witness God’s hand at work in lives touched by past teams. One lady brought her four month-old baby to the clinic this year. She had been informed during the 2017 mission that she was expecting, and the child she brought to the clinic was seen for the first time via ultrasound last year. The baby is named Faith, in honor of the church who provided care for her by hosting MMO.

El Progreso, HONDURAS

August 17-25, 2018

  • Team members: 76
  • Dental patients seen: 439
  • Medical patients seen: 1,945
  • Physical therapy patients seen: 172
  • Surgical cases: 31
  • Vision patients seen: 1,157
  • Decisions for Christ: 145
Trip Summary
Our team assisted missionary host Matt Goins of Iglesia Bautista El Faro to offer free medical care, vision testing, dental care, and surgical services to this community. The Rearick Surgical Center, where MMO plans to offer care to a hurting community, was inaugurated on Sunday of this trip; although we are still coordinating the shipment of the containers bringing the equipment and supplies to outfit it, we were able to tour the building and dream of the soon-to-come moving in day. Our team of general and orthopedic surgeons performed procedures that had been on the waiting list at the local public hospital for many months. Medical, vision, and dental teams worked in a nearby school to see large crowds of patients; many of these were sent to our physical therapy area for treatment. A large volunteer base from El Faro, clad in matching tees, facilitated the operation by translating, registering, guiding, and praying with our patients; we are honored to partner with them as we have done since 2006.

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