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Santa Rita, Honduras


Oct 6 - 14, 2023


Santa Rita, Honduras

LeRoy & Amber Rolston
Hope Baptist Church

Have you met LeRoy and Amber Rolston yet? If not, you are missing out! They have served in Honduras since 2008 and have four children: Lee, Callie, Jake, and Cora. They worked with veteran missionaries for several years while they learned the language and culture. Then the Rolstons planted Hope Baptist Church in a storefront in Santa Rita in 2011.

If you have served with us in El Progreso, you weren’t too far from the Rolstons! They are located in a smaller town just to the south, where healthcare is a major concern for the average citizen. There is one general clinic but no local hospital; they must drive to the public hospital in El Progreso (30 minutes away).

The Rolstons’ ministry has many outreach programs for the youth of Santa Rita, including ministries in public schools and neighborhood Bible clubs. There are even plans to open a Christian school within the year!

Pastor LeRoy shares a little about his corner of the world:

  1. Our town is located at the foot of some beautiful mountains in the Sula Valley. The weather is intense. When it rains, it really rains and when it's hot, it's really hot. 

  2. Our people are friendly, hospitable, and amaze us regularly with their resourcefulness.


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Honduras is bordered by Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador and touches both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. A third of the economy in Honduras is derived from agriculture, with coffee being the biggest export. Other major Honduran exports are sugar, bananas and palm oil. Even so, Honduras does struggle with economic poverty, but the county is rich in natural beauty with much of it being covered with mountains and forests.

Santa Rita is located in the Yoro Department, and is just 15 miles south of El Progreso. The population is 15,000 (2020 calculation). The Humuya River passes through Santa Rita and then flows into the Ulua River.

Honduras is a historically Catholic nation in its religious affiliation, however evangelical Christianity, mostly of a charismatic/pentecostal variety, has made strong advances in recent years. Along with the presence of Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, the spiritual climate of Honduras could be best described as "religious confusion." Because of the deeply religious and economic poverty in the region, Honduras is ripe for a spiritual harvest. 

For more country information, visit the World Factbook.



Our plan is to offer medical, optical, and dental care to this community. If you are a physical therapy professional interested in potentially serving on this team, please fill out an INTEREST FORM to inquire about offering this service. Every patient who receives care will hear the gospel from a member of this local church.


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