What We Need


There is a great need for workers, both medical and non-medical. Would you consider partnering with Medical Missions Outreach on an upcoming trip to minister to someone who is hurting?


Many people ask  if we have specific prayer requests. We would like to share with you some areas in which we are asking God to intervene on our behalf:

  • Pray for our safety as we travel.
  • Pray for God to send many more team members to assist us in our ministry efforts.
  • Pray for God to bless our supporting churches.
  • Pray for our supplies and pharmaceuticals to continue to be available at affordable prices.
  • Pray for our containers of supplies to be sent without excess fines, penalties, or delays.
  • Pray for our host missionaries and national pastors as they follow up with the patients we have seen.
  • Pray that our foreign licensing and customs approvals will be processed on time.
  • Pray for our administrative staff as they plan for upcoming trips and projects.
  • Pray that our mission of sharing the gospel through the tool of medicine will be carried out in every endeavor that we undertake.


We are also praying for God to provide specific equipment and supplies for our ministry. Contact us if you would like further details of what we need, or specific information.

Help us pray for:


If you have other medical supplies and/or equipment that you would like to donate, please email Becky Pope before sending: becky@medical-outreach.com.


We can provide a receipt of donation for tax purposes if you would like. The donor must assign value to items donated.


We cannot accept any expired medications.


Thank you for your prayer and support!