May 17 - 27, 2021


May 17-27

Striving together with: Tabernacle Independent Baptist Church

Missionary: Rebecca Walker

MMO Team Members: Total of 18 team members    

Marli Page – Clinical Director

Amy Hicks- Department Head, BJU Health Sciences

Bernard Kadio-MD, Public Health professor BJU

15 Students from BJU


Location: Aiyinase, Ghana

Number of clinics: 1 site; 4 days

Number of clinic hours: 24 hours

Types of clinics: Public Health Research, Medical


Number of patient contacts – all children ages 1 year through 18 years

Medical: 275 


Number of professions of faith: None professed at present


Other services offered: 

Public Health Education. Classes in Malaria Prevention, Nutrition, Hydration and Hygiene were given to grades Pre-k through 6th. Focus groups completed with Parents and Teachers

Evangelism was offered for 2 days with the local church   


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