Why We Go

We have a partnership with a local church in each country we visit.  Our team is there for a short time, but we trust that the church will follow up on patients and provide a place of nurture and compassion long after our team has left the field.

Medical Missions Outreach endeavors to partner with missionaries, church planters, and pastors across the globe and follow the Biblical principle found in Luke 9:2, where Jesus sent his followers to preach the Kingdom and heal the sick.  Using the unique platform of medicine, we are able to attract hundreds of people to a place where we can do our best to meet their physical needs, while praying for opportunities to minister to their spiritual needs as well. All of our clinics operate in conjunction with a local church. While we want to introduce hurting people to the Savior, we also want to give them a connection to a church where they can find loving, compassionate encouragement for life.