Eyeglass Recycle Program

Try to imagine life without your glasses. Would you be able to work? Could you drive? Read your Bible? Life would be drastically different if you couldn’t see well.

We meet thousands of people all over the world each year who are limited because of their vision. Thanks to people who donated a pair of their used eyeglasses, we’ve watched face after face light up with joy and hope.

Will you consider giving your used eyeglasses or even hosting a collection box so that someone on the other side of the world can experience this joy?

Every patient who attends our clinics not only receives a free vision screening and care, but also hears about the God Who loves him and longs for a personal relationship with him. It’s amazing to hear the gospel conversations that can start with a pair of glasses.

Order your donation box (pay shipping) today:

Mail your used eyeglasses to:
MMO: Eyeglass Recycle Program
9200 Philadelphia Road
Baltimore, MD 21237

Glasses given at Medical Missions Outreach’s free vision clinics are being worn here: