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Medical Missions Outreach works tirelessly in underdeveloped countries around the globe to offer quality, ethical medical care to those who need it most. We assemble and mobilize teams of medical professionals backed by non-medical volunteers to share the love of Christ using the tool of medicine.

Medical Missions Outreach partners with Bible-believing churches around the world to evangelize the lost and disciple believers. Each patient that comes through our clinics will hear the beautiful message of the gospel, presented in their own language by a volunteer from that local church. Our precious patients are offered the spiritual support they need for themselves and their families through a door that was opened when someone cared enough to treat their pain. Long after our teams leave the field, many of these relationships continue when our former patients find a church home where they can grow and thrive in the company of people that love them.

Clinical Teams

Our original tool of ministry, episodic care continues to be the hub of service in nearly every country we visit.

  • Quality, ethical medical care offers an immediate connection to the communities where we serve.
  • We travel with a limited laboratory and a full pharmacy. 
  • We partner with local healthcare professionals when possible and refer appropriate cases as needed.
  • These clinics hinge on the help of Physicians, Pharmacists and Pharmacy Techs, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses, LPNs, CNAs, EMTs, Paramedics, and other medical professionals.
  • For more information about how you can participate, contact [email protected]

Patient Education Teams

Our patient education area works in collaboration with our medical providers to make lasting changes through achievable goals in lifestyle modification.

  • Medical providers refer patients from our episodic clinic to professionals with a background in public health, nutrition, and other areas of health science.
  • Our teams work with local interpreters and illustrated curricula to educate patients battling hypertension, diabetes, malnutrition, and other chronic health concerns to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. 
  • The lack of one-on-one patient education in many underserved communities is a gap that we are committed to filling whenever we can.
  • For more information about how you can participate, contact [email protected]

Optical Teams

As one of our most popular clinics with patients, the optical lines are long but the results are immediate and life-changing.

  • Non-medical volunteers who travel with us are easily integrated into our optical care system.
  • Stations to perform routine eye exams using visual acuity charts, auto-refractors, and other methods enable our volunteers to match patients up with donated glasses for their prescription.
  • Fueled by our Eyeglass Recycling Program, we carry 4,000-6,000 pairs of prescription lenses, readers, and sunglasses on the majority of trips.
  • Our patients have shared new employment opportunities, better educational experience, and dramatically improved quality of life as a result of the care they received.
  • For more information about how you can participate, contact [email protected].

Physical Therapy Teams

Almost unheard of in many developing countries, physical therapy is a unique way to minister through time and touch.

  • Our episodic medical clinic providers refer patients with mobility issues and other functional medical needs to our rehab specialists. 
  • Physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, and occupational therapists work with patients experiencing pain and limited movement to achieve long-lasting results.
  • The primary caseload is based on each rehab specialist’s personal scope and discretion.
  • Individualized education and home exercise programs are created for each patient.
  • For more information about how you can participate, contact [email protected]

Dental Teams

The continual requests for dental care in the areas where we work impel us to invest in this valuable area of clinic.

  • Most cases we see consist of examinations and extractions rather than cosmetic dentistry.
  • Our teams travel with quality portable equipment: dental chairs, autoclave, hand tools, portable delivery system, and ultrasonic scalers. 
  • Dentists, oral surgeons, hygienists, and dental assistants discover exciting opportunities to use their skills in unique locations.
  • For more information about how you can participate, contact [email protected]

Surgical Teams

One of the most dramatic ways to change a patient’s future is by providing free surgical procedures .

  • The cases are determined by the surgeon’s specialty and the patient’s need.
  • We work with local public hospitals to assemble a list of patients who lack either access or funding for the procedure they need.
  • Common general surgical procedures include hernia repair, gallbladder removal, and other soft tissue cases.
  • Orthopedic and palate repair are always needed as well.
  • We are currently procuring funding for equipment to enable us to offer cataract surgeries.
  • Our area of surgical focus is El Progreso, Honduras, in our newly-constructed Rearick Surgical Center.
  • For more information about surgical teams, contact [email protected].