Rearick Surgical Center


Everyone’s pain matters. We believe this from the bottom of our souls. But everyone’s pain does not get treatment. Sadly, there are many who are not able to obtain even simple procedures which would mean drastic improvement for their daily lives. They go through each day without the hope of healing, wondering if anyone cares. This is the story for hundreds in El Progreso, Honduras.

 Since 2009, we have held almost yearly surgical brigades in Honduras, Central America by partnering with Iglesia Bautista El Faro, a Bible-believing church located in this community. Our short-term medical trips have  affected the community in powerful ways. This continued relationship with El Faro opened the door to coordinate with the local public hospital in El Progreso, providing pre-op evaluations, surgery, and post-op care to long lists of patients that the hospital was unable to help. These people have been waiting for months or even years to have simple, but life-changing procedures that they have little hope of receiving without our assistance. In response to the desperate need for surgical care in this area, we constructed an 8,000 square-foot surgical center to accommodate surgical teams who wish to help this community and the surrounding areas. This is MMO’s first permanent location outside of the United States.

The Rearick Surgical Center is administrated by Dr. Jason Frazer. The facility is clean, secure, and equipped to handle the procedures we provide. The lower level contains a patient waiting area, exam rooms, a double OR, and recovery rooms. The upper level of the building comfortably houses teams in air-conditioned, private rooms with attached baths. A large living, kitchen, and dining area provides a wonderful place to rest and recharge at the end of the day.

Dr. Frazer works with the local hospital’s social worker and Iglesia Bautista El Faro to evaluate each patient’s physical, financial, social, and spiritual needs to enable our teams to minister most effectively. Common general surgical procedures include hernia repair, gallbladder removal, and other soft tissue cases. Orthopedic and palate repair are always needed We are currently working to procure funding for equipment to enable us to offer cataract surgeries as well. Iglesia Bautista El Faro provides spiritual counseling and emotional support throughout each patient’s procedure and recovery.

This is a place where patients find help, healing, and hope. Visit the Rearick Surgical Center and find out how to be a part of a patient’s story. We need you to change a life.



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What Our Volunteers Say

I always thought of my nursing as a job. This brigade made me see how it can be used to minister to people spiritually.

Sandy, RN