Payment Policy

After signing up for a specific trip, you will choose your preferred payment plan. Please remember! All trip balances must be paid in full 90 days before departing the country.


To set up payments for your own trip:
  1. You can pay the trip in full or make a deposit at the time of application,
  2. If you choose to only make a deposit, instructions will be emailed to set up a link to allow payments towards your account.  This link can also be forwarded to friends and family to help collect monetary donations towards your account.


If you would like to assist another person traveling with us:

Please request the link for their personal profile page, linking to their donation account.


Regarding Refunds

Please be aware that by applying and making a payment for a trip, you are making a commitment to Medical Missions Outreach (MMO). In order for our international trips to go smoothly and effectively, all accommodations (flights, hotels, etc.) are booked well in advance using several different means of purchase. To this end, flights are booked in a non-refundable manner, and in most cases, tickets cannot be changed to someone else’s name.

In the unfortunate circumstance that you are forced to back out of a trip after your initial payment, MMO cannot provide a refund or transfer of the deposit. If your plans change, and you cannot travel with us, you must notify MMO 90 days before the travel date. Notifying MMO at least 90 days before your trip will result in a loss of the initial deposit fee. If your plans change within 90 days of the travel date, you will be required to make full payment for the trip.  Please understand that both the deposit and any funds donated towards a trip are non-refundable.  In the event you are unable to travel, any funds beyond the initial deposit received on an account will be held by Medical Missions Outreach for no more than 364 days and may be applied towards another trip with Medical Missions Outreach.  After that time period, the funds will be used towards ministry expenses by Medical Missions Outreach.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

Please also understand that if your trip balance has been met at the time of an additional donation, any funds over and above your balance will be donated directly to MMO to use as they deem necessary for the trip (e.g. meds, supplies, etc.)

MMO operates on a limited budget and cannot afford the financial cost of a person backing out. Please understand that our desire is to carefully steward the money that the Lord has provided us and treat everyone involved with respect, which is why committing to an MMO trip must be done with prayer and guidance from those who are important in your life.