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Bishoftu, Ethiopia


May 18 - 27, 2023


Bishoftu, Ethiopia

Dwayne & Tammy Wright
Bethel Bible Baptist Church

Dwayne and Tammy Wright are the hosts for MMO’s first visit to Ethiopia! They have adult children who live in the United States, but you will meet their teenage daughter Anna who still lives at home.The Wrights’ ministry focuses on equipping national church pastors; Tammy also teaches high school English and works with children.

We asked the Wrights to tell us about their church: “The Bethel Bible Baptist Church is a young church in years and people. It’s only four years old and meets in a rented house. The majority of the ministry is young children and teens. We offer multiple outreach programs through the church. Our largest ministry is our soccer outreach and youth ministries. Once a month we have our youth program where over 100 young people come out to hear the Gospel. Along with our soccer outreach, once a week we are able to minister to many young people.”

When asked why they wanted to host an MMO team, the Wrights responded, “Our goal is for our community to see that we love Jesus and others. Our prayer is that through this outreach people in our area will see the love of Christ and connect that love to His church, Bethel Baptist.”


This is a ministry to follow!

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Ethiopia, in the Horn of Africa, is a mountainous, rugged, landlocked country. Founded in 980 B.C., the country has ancient history and archeologists have found ancient human remains (including “Lucy”), pottery and stone tools, and monolithic stele. Fast-forwarding about a millenia, in 324 A.D., Ethiopia was the second country to officially adopt Christianity and even today over 64% of the population adhere to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, with around 18% claiming to be evangelical. From this history comes Ethiopia’s unique rock-cut Christian churches from the 12th–13th centuries. Ethiopia is famous for being the place where the coffee bean originated. Ethiopia also has many needs. In 2020 it experienced the worst locust invasion in decades which threatens food security and despite recent economic growth, it is still one of the poorest in the world with a per capita annual income of $883. Other issues facing the country are human rights violations (including marriage by abduction), a low literacy rate, and shortages of basic necessities such as water, healthcare, and cooking fuel. 

For more country information, visit the World Factbook.



Our plan is to offer medical and optical care to this community. If you are a dental or physical therapy professional interested in potentially serving on this team, please fill out an INTEREST FORM to inquire about offering this service. Every patient who receives care will hear the gospel from a member of this local church.




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