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Praia, Cabo Verde


Jan 5 - 14, 2023


Praia, Cabo Verde

Luiz & Ana Nunes, Family Baptist Church

We cannot wait for you to meet Luiz and Ana Nunes who serve the Lord in Africa with their high school and college-aged children: Joseph, Arthur, Ana, and Jonathan.  Pastor Luiz trusted Christ in 2004, then was educated here in the US, earning a Master’s Degree before beginning both a BBN Radio Ministry and a Rock of Ages Prison Ministry in Brazil. But this family’s influence for Jesus has not been limited to just the Americas. They planted a church and served in Portugal for five years before transitioning to Cabo Verde where they currently work. We will be able to help the people of Family Baptist Church in the capital city reaching their neighbors with medical attention and the gospel. Some unique aspects of this church include multiple ministries to the armed forces and even ministry through baseball and softball! 

The healthcare needs in Cabo Verde are pressing. It is not uncommon to wait 3–6 months to be seen, especially if one needs a specialist. Your efforts to provide healthcare to this population will be genuinely appreciated.


Notes from Pastor Nunes:

  1. You may not know that Cabo Verde is called the “birth place of slavery.” In 1460, Portuguese vessels came to this set of empty volcanic islands. Three years later they began to “settle” here with the first Roman Catholic Church on this side of Africa and in 1467 they secured the permission to begin the slave trade in the Golf of Guinea.

  2. Around us is where the “mid Atlantic tropical storms are formed” which could become potential hurricanes in the USA! Population in Capebo Verde is less than 600,000 but there are over 1 million Cabo-Verdeans living outside of our borders!

  3. We’d love to hear from you!

Associação Batista Caboverdiana
A Igreja Batista das Famílias


[email protected]

Sending Church:
Lakeside Baptist Church
Beach Island, South Carolina



Cabo Verde (formerly Cape Verde) is an island country in the Atlantic Ocean, 400 miles west of the West African coast. There are ten volcanic islands with a combined land area about the size of Rhode Island. This former Portuguese colony is poor in natural resources, prone to drought, and has little farmable land. Nevertheless, it is known for having achieved political and economic stability, and tourism is a growing source of income. The official language is Portuguese but most people speak Cabo Verdean Creole. The population is around half a million people with about 160,000 living in the capital city of Praia on the island of Santiago. We’ll be serving in the capital city of Praia, a city full of energy and noise. The core of Praia’s old town, which is built on a plateau, has magnificent houses from the colonial era, beaches, churches, a food market, museums, government buildings, and the old town fortress of Bateira. Be sure to look out for the specialty coffee from Ilha do Fogo, which is grown in rich volcanic soil and known for being sweet, smooth, and slightly fruity.

About ninety percent of the population on the islands identify as Catholic and nine percent as evangelical believers. There is religious freedom, affording tremendous opportunity for Christian missions to Cabo Verde and to share the gospel on this small island nation.  We can’t wait to partner with this local church!

For more country information, click here to visit World Factbook: )



Our plan is to offer medical and optical care to this community. If you are a dental or physical therapy professional interested in potentially serving on this team, please fill out an INTEREST FORM to inquire about offering these services. Every patient who receives care will hear the gospel from a member of this local church.


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Bradley’s advice for getting ready for Cabo Verde: 

  • Be prepared for patients full of life (lots of loud talkers with tons of laughing!)

  • Be prepared for amazing sunsets and gorgeous landscapes.

  • Be prepared to meet a sweet church family that loves their community and sharing Christ’s message of hope & love through the Gospel!