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Santa Barbara, Honduras


Jun 14 - 22, 2024


Santa Barbara, Honduras

Alex and Yadira Reyes, Truth Baptist Church

Alex Reyes has served as the pastor of Truth Baptist Church for the last 9 years. He gave his life to Christ at age 30, began serving in different ministries, and went to seminary before being ordained as a pastor in January 2014. Since that time, Alex and his wife, Yadira, have been faithful servants in Santa Barbara. They try to reach their community by providing classes for the youth, evangelizing door to door, providing food to those in need, and visiting local nursing homes. The Reyes family and the members of Truth Baptist Church hope to provide help for physical needs, but more importantly, be able to share the gospel. 

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Santa Barbara is a beautiful area far from the noise of the city. It is located in the Honduran mountains and is home to one of the best coffees in the country. However, being located so far from the city makes it more difficult for people to access proficient medical care or obtain medication. 

Squeezed between El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize, Honduras is the second-largest country in Central America but also the least-visited by tourists. Decades of gang violence, drug wars, and political corruption mean most people skip it. Honduras struggles with economic poverty, and in rural areas, healthcare is difficult to access. A third of the economy in Honduras is derived from agriculture, with major exports of sugar, bananas, palm oil, and coffee. 

Speaking of coffee, Honduras has perfected the granitas de café, a cold blended sweetened coffee. It’s a great way to help cool you and keep you going in the middle of the day. Another food to watch out for is the baleada – fresh flour tortilla with Honduras’s flavorful refried beans and crumbled queso duro (a hard salty white cheese). You can add chicken, egg, avocado, or sour cream, but you may not want to mess with the delicious original! 

Santa Barbara is known for local handicrafts and the cultivation of coffee. 


Honduras is a historically Catholic nation, but evangelical Christianity, mostly of a charismatic/Pentecostal variety, has made strong advances in recent years. Along with the presence of Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, the spiritual climate of Honduras could be best described as "religious confusion." Because of the deep religious and economic poverty in the region, Honduras is ripe for a spiritual harvest. 

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Our plan is to offer medical and optical care to this community. Every patient who receives care will hear the gospel from a member of this local church.


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Christine’s tips for serving in Honduras:

  1. Download the app Duolingo now and start brushing up on your Spanish! You’ll be so happy you took time to learn some ways to communicate with your patients.

  2. You’re going to want to look for Zambos plantain chips. The ones in the red bag. Chile Limón.Trust me.

  3. Hondurans point with their lips. Try it. It’s way cooler than pointing with your finger.

  4. No matter how many times you visit this place, it never gets old. You will enjoy seeing old friends from past years who are still faithfully serving at IBF, and you’ll meet new members in this growing church. 

  5. Ask God to break your heart for the underserved. Yes, it’s about access to healthcare, but even more, it’s about access to the gospel. This is our chance to do something about both.