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Santiago, Chile


Sep 5 - 14, 2024


Santiago, Chile

John and María Moncada, Cross Baptist Church

Pastor John Moncada, his wife, Maria Jose, and their children Matthew and Trini serve at Cross Baptist Church which is located in a lower-middle class, working-class, urban community. Their church ministries include: men’s and women’s ministries, marriage ministry, children’s ministry, and outreach ministries. 

John was originally discipled by Jason Holt, who has been a church planting missionary to Chile for 20 years. Jason and his wife, Lori, along with their children Katie (20), Josh (17), and Andrew (16) have been instrumental in planting multiple churches and starting the Chile Bible College. 

Their desire would be to survey, reach, and make an impact in the community, and ultimately, help Cross Baptist Church grow. One way they hope to reach the community is through medical missions. The average Chilean will be enrolled in the public health care system, called FONASA, and use lower-cost public hospitals or pay out of pocket. While public healthcare systems are available, the wait can be substantial. 

Chile has a population of about 20 million, with about 40% living in Santiago. These warm, friendly, family-centered, hospitable people are typically more reserved and traditional than other Latin American countries. They have Catholic roots, but many are nominal in the faith. There is a growing population of nones (no religious affiliation) among young people, many of whom are leaning towards liberalism. 


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Chile is known for its diverse landscapes: amazing views of the blue Pacific; unique rock formations and stargazing in the driest desert in the world, the Atacama Desert; glaciers in Patagonia’s Torres del Paine National Park; and Easter Island with 1,500-year-old mysterious Moai structures 2,000 miles off the coast.

Chile is a long, narrow country stretching along South America's western edge. It is the southernmost country in the world, and the closest to Antarctica. Santiago, our clinic location and the capital, sits in a valley surrounded by the Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains. Seven million people live in Santiago, which is 40% of the total population of the country. 

Just outside Santiago is a resort that is home to the Guinness World Record Holder for the biggest swimming pool in the world. It's 1,000 yards long, covers an area of 20 acres and reaches a maximum depth of 115 feet.

Chile achieved global recognition for the successful rescue of 33 trapped miners in 2010. On August 5, 2010, the access tunnel collapsed at a mine in northern Chile, trapping 33 men 2,300 feet below ground. A rescue effort organized by the Chilean government located the miners 17 days later. All 33 men were brought to the surface on October 13, over a period of 24 hours, an effort that was carried on live television around the world.

Speaking of mining, Chile is the world’s largest copper producer in the world, supplying about one-third of the world’s copper. 

The major religion in Chile is Christianity with an estimated 55% belonging to the Roman Catholic church, 20% to various Evangelical churches, and 10% to other religions. Agnostics and atheists were estimated at 15% of the population.

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Our plan is to offer optical care to this community. Every patient who receives care will hear the gospel from a member of this local church.


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