Group Reservation

Let Us Plan Your Church’s Mission Trip!

As a church-centric ministry, we value helping churches around the world accomplish the Great Commission. In developing nations, we accomplish this goal through the tool of healthcare. For church partners in our own country, we mobilize believers who desire to use their time and skills to bring others to Christ. It would be our honor to partner with your church in sharing the gospel around the world.


What you need to know:

  1. For medical teams, we request that churches help us to recruit 1 medical professional for every 3 non-medical volunteers. This ratio helps us ensure that every team member will be able to contribute in a valuable way as they work. If your church group will be composed of non-medical volunteers, then optical-only teams are the primary ones to consider.

  2. For groups, especially large ones, it is best to plan early. Our trips are on a first-come, first-served basis, and many teams (especially summer trips and those to the Caribbean and Central America) tend to fill very quickly. Begin promotions as soon as you can, and encourage your church people to sign up in advance.

  3. We do recommend a Group Reservation (SEE BELOW FOR AN EXAMPLE) for church groups of more than 5 people. If you would like to block off spots for your church group based on this group policy, please email [email protected]. The deposit for these spots (pending approval from the General Director) can be paid by check or by credit card. If paying by credit card, the funds will go into the account of the church trip leader and be disbursed to church team members as they sign up for the trip. When a church member signs up for a trip, they name your church group on their application. If you would like them to pay this fee, then they should be directed to reimburse your church directly. We are unable to issue refunds to the church.

We hope that we can be a blessing to your church by helping you get to the mission field to serve. If we can help your church’s vision for missions in any way, please let us know how!


Group Reservation Contract