Vitamins for Villages

Vitamins for Villages
Christine Ellis
Nov 11, 2016

A tiny baby is born in poverty. His surroundings are filthy, his outlook bleak, his chances of survival less than optimal. But his mama loves him. When she looks at him, she knows why she is here. She’ll fight for him. She’ll do her best to give him what he needs. But it won’t be easy. She has so little.

But then God steps in.

We meet mamas like this in every country we visit. They bring their babies to us, asking for hope, asking for answers, asking for God to provide. They don’t have much, but they will do whatever it takes to make sure their little ones can grow and thrive.

We need your help. These little ones are malnourished. Many have parasites and vitamin deficiencies. They are exposed to sickness and disease. And the precious vitamins, the liquid gold that we long to give them, are either unavailable or extremely expensive where they live. Every single brigade, when the infant vitamins run out, our hearts hurt. We look into their desperate eyes. What about this baby? I wish we had more. He needs them, too.

This Christmas, please consider participating in Vitamins for Villages, a campaign to get vitamin drops into the hands of every single mama who comes to us with her little one this year. She will receive hope. She will have help. And she will hear the story of the Heavenly Father Who loves her and her little one so much. Her baby can grow and thrive. He will play and learn new things. His laughter will ring through the house. And his mama’s heart will be full. Her boy is safe and healthy.

Watch the Vitamins for Villages video and send us a private message to find out how you can host a small get-together to help these babies. Let’s work together to protect this vulnerable population of babies by arming their mamas with vitamins and the truth that God loves them, died for them, and wants them to know Him.