How am I going to pay for this missions trip?

How am I going to pay for this missions trip?
Christine Ellis
Jan 8, 2020

You’ve taken that initial step of faith and signed up for a missions trip—congratulations! For many, this decision demonstrates great trust in the Lord to provide funds. A few are able to pay for their entire trip right away, but for most people, there is a lot of saving and planning involved in this process. The nagging question, “What if I can’t afford this?” keeps many people at home who could be serving.

Over the years, we’ve seen God provide in miraculous ways for those who have joined our teams. Last minute deadlines were met and every need was provided, even in very tough situations. Now we get to watch Him write your story! As we pray for Him to work, here are some thoughts to consider:


1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

We often hear from team members who express hesitation in asking friends and family to help with their trip costs. Our answer to this is, the same way the Lord led you to sign up for this trip—to serve someone you’ve never met, to provide help to those who need it—He places that same type of desire in people’s hearts to give. There are many who are not able to serve on foreign missions trips, perhaps due to schedules, physical limitations, or family situations. But they love to give. Let them be a part of missions, too! This is their chance to help someone they know personally go do something great for the Kingdom.

Your trip is being planned to specifically bless underserved people who are hurting and hopeless without knowledge of the Savior. It can feel awkward and humbling to ask for help, but you’re not just asking for you–it’s for the people you’ll serve. Let your friends and family be a part of global missions through your trip!


2. Make your request specific and personal.

Whether you set up your public profile through our system (giving donors an easy “click to donate” option) or share your need in person, there are several thoughts you need to include:


  • Your destination. When will you be going? With whom will you be serving (missionary, national pastor, name of church)? What is this community like (research!)? What specific needs (both physical and spiritual) will you be seeking to meet through this team?
  • Your desire. Why did God lead you to take this trip? What skills and talents do you plan to use to serve others? What are the goals of this trip?
  • Your directions. What is your fundraising goal (total trip cost) and deadlines? How should donations be made? Are these donations tax-deductible (if they are given directly to MMO, an organization with 501(c)3 status, they are!)?


3. Share the results of your trip with your donors.

This last step is perhaps the most important one, yet the most overlooked. When donors have sacrificed to allow you to take a trip, make sure they know they made a wise investment! Post about your trip on social media and consider tagging them (with permission) or direct messaging them so they’ll be sure to see pictures and daily descriptions of what was accomplished. Send them a note after you get home that shares statistics from the trip and includes your personal thanks. Schedule coffee with them to share more about how the Lord worked in your heart during your trip.


Just as the Lord gives you great joy from physically serving others, He may be planning to give joy to someone you know through their giving. Help connect someone to the mission field by asking them to be a part of your journey to get there.


Has God provided in a special way for a missions trip you took? Email your story to [email protected] if you would be willing to share.