When Serving Costs Something

When Serving Costs Something
Theresa McClellan
Oct 10, 2021

“I love to serve, and serving here is easy. Just look around! In Honduras, it wasn't so easy.” 


I first became interested in Medical Missions Outreach during one of our mission conferences at Pinecrest Baptist Church. Bradley and Kelly Edmondson came through one year for our conference, and shared about all God was doing in their organization, and through MMO’s overseas clinics.


Here are some reasons I wanted to go:


  • To serve & help others

  • To be the hands & feet of Jesus

  • To give back (I've been blessed way more than I deserve!)

  • To make a difference for the kingdom of God


While I was still praying about a trip, my good friend Leah joined an MMO team to serve in Honduras. I remember when she Facetimed our ladies Bible study to share about what God was doing in El Progresso. That’s when I knew that I was going on a trip. When the MMO released their calendar for the next year, I signed up.

Honduras was my top choice, because I don’t like to fly! I knew this was a shorter flight, and that I wouldn’t have to fly over water to go. I had so many questions as I prepared for my trip. What could I offer? I wasn't a medical professional. How could I help anyone? I worried about what to wear, what to do with my hair, makeup–crazy things like that. My friend Leah was a big encouragement to me during that time as she shared with me from her own trip experiences!


Finally, the day to leave arrived! 


As we stepped foot in Honduras and met the team, I looked around and realized I was next to the oldest person there!!! Wow, I never felt old until then. Everyone was so kind, caring, and even carried my luggage up the stairs since there wasn't an elevator.

We had 4 days of clinic that week, and we worked about 8-10 hours a day. We’d arrive each morning, and already 100+ people would be lined up for medical care. I worked in the Optical Clinic. I fitted patients with their glasses– it was busy, it was hard, and it was so hot!!!

One of my favorite stories took place in the Optical Clinic with a woman about my age who came in to be fitted for glasses. She held her Bible as we used our handheld autorefractor to measure her sight. Once we’d determined her prescription and fitted her with glasses, she opened her Bible to be sure she could read it. She gave us thumbs up!!! Tears rolled down her eyes. She said, “I just want to be able to read my Bible.” 

I watched the nurses and translators work day-in-and-day-out, and it was just amazing. At such a young age, people were already making a difference for Christ. I wish I would have started going on mission trips when I was younger. If you think you want to go, GO!!! 


A few things I learned from my week in Honduras: 


  • People want to be loved

  • The Honduran people love the Lord

  • I can make a difference for the kingdom

  • Missionaries work hard–their whole family works hard!


The people in Honduras are so sweet–so full of love, so full of joy. It was so convicting! To have so much joy when they have nothing compared to us. Traveling with MMO made me want to give more! I’m so thankful that my husband and I are able to give, and I’m thankful for a church that supports mission work! 


“We give monthly to missions and I always thought it was a good thing. After going on this trip I realized how far our money goes, how hard the work is, and how much the missionaries living there sacrifice.”


Here’s a verse that’s meant so much to me since taking my trip to Honduras this past July: 

“I heard the Lord's voice, saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" Then I said, "Here I am. Send me."
Isaiah 6:8


God is so good! I hope to be able to go on another trip soon!