Serving When You Aren’t on a Missions Trip

Serving When You Aren’t on a Missions Trip
Anna Grace Miller
Nov 2, 2021

You rarely have to wonder whether you’ll serve on a missions trip.

You rally your family and friends to pray, travel hundreds (or thousands!) of miles to use your skills in a brand new place, and leave deeply impacted from seeing the needs of those you were able to serve. And once you’re home, you can see the work that God did in your own heart as you look out across the work that was done and the lives that were changed in just 9 days.

But what about the times when you aren’t overseas, or on the mountaintops?

What about the grit it takes to live in the ordinary, daily moments? Is it possible to grow then? Is it possible to live missionally when the mission field is less clearly defined?

Ordinary life may not just be a possible place to live missionally. It may be the best place! We see many times in the Bible where God worked powerfully in the times of preparation (Jesus’ 33 years on earth), and even in the ordinary ( John 6:8-13).

Here are three ways to grow your missional life, even when you aren’t on a mission trip.

  1. Write a note

One of the most powerful things you can do after getting home from a trip is follow up! Send a note to the team members you served alongside. Become penpals with a national church member or a patient you worked with. 

  1. Share with your friends

This is not just your story–this is the beautiful and unique narrative of how God brought together a group of people during your week of clinicals so that His name would be made known. Hearing that helps each one of us see the difference we can make by living missionally as well! 

  1. Share at your church

Look for opportunities in your church and small groups to share your testimony, and snapshots from your trip. No two missions stories are the same! You’ll be surprised how encouraging it is to other local church members to hear about the power of God at work. 

  1. Stay in touch with a host missionary

Your host missionary often puts countless hours and resources into bringing each logistic of the clinical week together. Surrounded with deep need and limited resources, they don’t often if ever have a chance to sit back and rest from the high demands of the clinic week. Reach back out to thank them after arriving home from a trip! Pray for their family. Share their posts as they serve. Send them a Christmas gift from America! The little things mean so much. 

  1. Give to missions

Enabling someone else to serve and meet needs when you physically are unable to is an excellent way to to keep a missional focus in your own life throughout the year. Not only is it a gaping need in the missional world, but Lord promises to richly bless you when you do! (Luke 6:38). 


As you look forward to your next MMO trip, or at the next opportunity you have to serve in a big way, consider how God is preparing you and growing your missional life today!

*Photocredit to our wonderful MMO traveler and volunteer Abi Bautista!