One Decision that Can Change Your Life

One Decision that Can Change Your Life
Mona James
Jan 14, 2022

At MMO, we are daily inspired by the skilled volunteers and missionary partners we get to serve alongside! Many of them are people who have quietly and intentionally learned the power of small decisions, saying "yes", and serving with deep compassion and open hands.

This is illustrated so well through the lives of long-time MMO travelers, Steve and Mona James. They have served God faithfully on many of our trips, and we've been blessed to watch a decision they made years ago have life-long impact on so many across the globe! Mona shares some early memories as God led them to partner with MMO, and serve on their first trip. Read on for their story!

"During the fall of 2011, we visited our daughter’s family and attended church with them. Their friend, Steve Taylor could not stop talking about the medical mission trip he had taken to Honduras. His infectious excitement continued after he arrived home, and he encouraged us to travel with the same organization, Medical Missions Outreach.

We reviewed the website, and, we had to admit, it looked interesting. I was a brand-new Medical Assistant, and Steve was a truck driver. We wondered what we could possibly do on a mission trip that would be helpful. As a new MA, I figured I would probably just get in the way, and Steve humored me by agreeing to go “just this one time.” We signed up for the trip and looked forward to it with nervousness mixed with excitement.

The first day of clinic we could not believe how many people were waiting in line to receive care!! We had never seen anything like it. I worked in the triage area collecting vital signs and Steve directed patients in the clinic area.

During the week, we were able to help care for nearly 4,000 patients, and each one of them heard the Gospel. It was amazing, but so hot!! We didn’t even know it was possible to be that hot! But, in spite of that, after one trip with MMO, we were hooked.

Since then, God has allowed us to serve on 1-2 trips each year, and every trip is remarkable in its own way. Now I am a Registered Nurse, and Steve has helped out in a variety of areas in the clinic, including triage, patient direction, and the optical clinic We have traveled to some countries only once, but we have also returned to other countries. It is always a blessing to see how churches have grown and to see believers who trusted Christ during a medical brigade growing in their faith and volunteering during another clinic.

We never anticipated how our life would change, but we are so thankful that God directed us to serve on “just one trip.”

We are so thankful for the tesimony of Steve and Mona, and many others who have committed their decisions to the Lord, and allowed Him to use those decisions in big ways!