A Smile that Tells a Story

A Smile that Tells a Story
Chomba Hansende
Mar 28, 2023

I was born and raised in Zambia. When I was nine, my sister who was 18, and my 16 year old cousin did youth lessons at church and they would come home and do Bible study with my young cousins and myself.

One day they shared the love of Jesus and I got saved. As I grew up as a teenager, my aunt started a children’s home and we had missionaries from Europe and the U.S who would come by and support. I knew I wanted to do the same and share the love of Jesus and help those in need.

So coming to the States and studying to be a nurse, I knew going on mission trips was my purpose. I’m glad Craig Zylka introduced me to this organization.(he shared at a nurse practitioner conference I was attending).

My favorite thing in Cabo Verde was sharing about the love of Jesus to the children. I remembered growing up in Zambia and someone sharing about Jesus to me in the most beautiful way. As I treated the children, I loved watching their faces light up as I shared about how Jesus loves them.

One of the kids at Cabo Verde was having nightmares and his mom brought him for that. I shared with them that sometimes we don’t have medications for some of our issues, but I could share with them about Jesus, who helps us through whatever we face. They were both willing to listen and I shared with the little boy. He said he knew about Jesus and wanted to know more. I told him he could pray and trust in Jesus to take away his nightmares. He seemed relieved and smiled. It was so good seeing that smile. I knew he understood because I remember going through the same situation when I was a kid.

I also took the opportunity to share about Jesus to the translators who did not have a personal relationship with Christ.  I could tell God was doing something amazing in their lives, and in the lives of so many from the community where we served there!