A God Who Knows No Limits

A God Who Knows No Limits
Alondra Arredondo
Dec 21, 2023

Hello there! My name is Alondra, and I am a new grad OB/GYN physician assistant (PA). This summer I had the wonderful opportunity of serving in Tanzania, Africa with Medical Missions Outreach (MMO). This was my third trip with MMO, and I would like to share with you how God allowed me to minister to a one specific patient for His glory: 

“Just give me medicine to have a baby,” the interpreter spoke in English as the patient sat across the table from me.

I felt so defeated and let out a sigh. 

I was helping out with patient education in the medical clinic in Tanzania, Africa. 

The patient had experienced previous GYN infections and an elective abortion. Both of which I suspected had led to the formation of scar tissue in her reproductive anatomy contributing to her two years of infertility. I actually even drew her a picture of how the scar tissue literally creates anatomical roadblocks preventing conception from occurring. 

The reason why I love public health education is to inform and empower others to take control of their own medical needs.However, the education I was presenting the patient with was creating desperation and hopelessness. 

She spoke again. I may not have understood Swahili, but the plea in her voice could transcend any language barrier.  

“I will pay you whatever amount of money you need,” she spoke through the interpreter. 

I knew that I needed something more powerful than education, money, or even medicine to help her. 

“I may not have medicine to give you. But, I have something better: prayer.” 

Her laugh was filled with frustration but I continued to explain myself and a specific issue I had been dealing with just a day before. Many of the team members, some of whom I had just met days before, stopped and told me that they were praying for me.  I had personally experienced the power of prayer and wanted to share that with her. 

She looked at me unconvinced. 

“We have access to the God of the universe who is the Creator of life. There was a woman named Hannah who was also frustrated that she couldn’t have children so she prayed to God that she would have a baby. And, God heard her and answered her.”

I chose my next words carefully as the last thing I wanted to do was push a prosperity gospel agenda - because God is good even if He doesn’t rescue us from our circumstances. For instance, the three Hebrew boys refused to serve false gods whether or not God rescued them from being burned alive (Daniel 3:16-18). 

“God loves you so much, and He desires a relationship with you. He understands your pain. God is powerful and can give you a baby, and we can talk to Him about it if you would like. But even if He doesn’t, He is a God of great comfort and can provide hope in hopeless situations regardless.” 

Her face softened, and she nodded. 

When I finished praying, we were both crying and hugging. I then directed her to the evangelism section of the clinic, and I later found out that she became a believer that day!

I am still just so in awe of what God did through my own team members who were once strangers but unified through Christ praying for me, allowing me in turn to minister to another. That week served as such a beautiful reminder that medicine and education are great, but they both have their limits. Praise the Lord that He is a God Who knows no limits and that He is a Living Hope in hopeless situations!

"Praise the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. According to His great mercy, He has given us a new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and into an inheritance that is imperishable, uncorrupted, and unfading, kept in heaven for you." ~I Peter 1:3-4

"If the God we serve exists, then He can rescue us from the power of you, the king. But even if He does not rescue us, we want you as king to know that we will not serve the gods or worship the gold statue you set up." ~Daniel 3:16-18