God Knew She Needed Me

God Knew She Needed Me
Halea Caudill
Jan 18, 2024

This past year I had the opportunity that my heart has been longing for; I was provided the opportunity to serve with Medical Missions Outreach. As a young girl, I knew that nursing was my calling and the sole reason God placed me on this earth. I was to be the hands and feet that cared for others when they could not care for themselves. 

    After completing nursing school and beginning my career, I knew I needed to reach those beyond my community. I knew I was meant for a bigger purpose, and through the grace of the Lord, who fills our needs, MMO moved to my town. This allowed me to connect with them and begin a journey that has truly changed my life and my outlook on the world. 

    In 2023, I was finally in a place where I was prepared to serve, so I registered for their mission trip to Vanuatu. I was beyond excited about this trip and in the middle of planning and preparing when I found out, that due to circumstances out of their control, the trip had to be moved to Fiji. I was nervous about the last-minute change, but a verse came to me that reminded me; There is a reason, purpose and season for all (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8). God had a plan and knew our purpose. 

    Once we arrived in Fiji and met the host family and local church, all of my fears and worries were washed away. They were kind, welcoming and so appreciative of having us there to support their community. Throughout the week their love radiated as they prepared us meals, prayed with us, and served the ones suffering alongside us.

    As a Registered Nurse, I had the privilege of serving as a provider during the week of clinic. This role allowed me to meet so many who need help both physically and spiritually. One patient I remember was a young girl brought in by her mother who was concerned that her daughter had stopped eating. The girl had told her mom that she no longer liked the food at home but mom knew there was something more going on.  The mother allowed me to speak to the young girl alone who shared with me that she was getting picked on at school because she wasn’t pretty enough.  This, of course, made her sad and took away her appetite. 

This broke my heart. She was such a beautiful and smart child. I took time sharing with her that God's love is unconditional and that He loves her no matter what. She agreed she would eat and she would remember those words when she felt sad. 

    This interaction was so impactful to me. Through all of the fears surrounding my decision to serve with MMO and all of the unknowns with the travel changes, she was my purpose. God knew that little girl needed me and placed me in Lautoka, Fiji to show her the love He shows us daily.