Handing Out Gospel Tracts

Handing Out Gospel Tracts
Ryan Macatugal
Mar 11, 2024

Fiji was an amazing experience. The people were warm and genuine in their greetings, just like the islands themselves. There was so much beauty in what surrounded us from the green waters to the blue skies. The food was equally unique and flavorful as the people themselves mixing island flavor with the spices of India.

It was great that we didn't require translators as most people spoke and/or understood English. One of the benefits of the people speaking English is that I was able to go around talking to the locals about what we did. I handed out Gospel tracts everywhere we went. As a testament to the Fijian's genuineness and friendliness is the fact that most people I gave tracts to ended up reading them right away or asking more questions.

I had a funny experience while buying food at a local supermarket on our last day. I ended up handing a tract to a pastor. During our conversation I mentioned MMO and why were were there. He ended up asking me to come to his house to examine his back and knee injuries. I told him that we are were done for the week and headed home and would not be able to see him. He surprised me by lying down on the floor at the supermarket and asking me to examine him there! I told him that MMO was hoping to be back, and I was praying to come back with them, Lord willing, to give him a proper examination.

I was truly touched by our brothers and sisters in Fiji and pray for them as often as I can remember. I was also encouraged by the faithfulness of the Daku's, our hosts, as well as the church members in continuing the great commission.  To God be the glory!