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Joseph Wicks
Joseph Wicks

International Teams Coordinator

[email protected]


My name is Joseph and I am blessed with an amazing wife, Cindy, and three awesome kids. My wife and I both grew up in a Pastor's home. We spent much of our adult life serving at the church in Nebraska, where I grew up. God led us to MMO through a crazy sequence of events and we are so grateful He did! He has always led our path and directed our steps in His perfect timing. We love being part of the MMO family. My passions include traveling, drinking coffee, and helping others...so this ministry was clearly the perfect fit for me! 


To read more about my story and to find out how you can partner with me and my family, view our page.

What Our Volunteers Say

The MMO staff always goes above and beyond in being helpful and proactive.

Mona, RN